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About TweetMyEvents - Social Web Tool to Broadcast Your Events to the World

TweetMyEvents is a real-time Social Media event Marketing platform for the social web. With this service you can promote your events to the world through Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. An amazingly easy way to market your events to get attendees for your next seminars, conference, workshops, webinars or other type of events.
With this Social Media Event Marketing Platform - TweetMyEvents, you will be able to reach a worldwide target audience instantly without blowing your budget on expensive advertising. This way your target market can find about your event and register straightaway. Every event posted on our site is also posted on our TweetMyEvents and Facebook pages giving further exposure instantly. In addition, events can also be retweeted, share with facebook and Linkedin by viewers, which will be increasing your exposure even further.

 Getting started is easy. Simply sign in with your Twitter account, register your event and tweet it out. There are no limits to the number of events you can display. TweetMyEvents also has a tracking counter so you can constantly monitor your page views in real-time.
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 Logan Nathan

A leading Social Media authority, Logan Nathan is the brains behind TweetMyEvents. Using Twitter strategically in his own business, Logan was amazed at the phenomenal interest generated when using Twitter to broadcast details about his speaking engagements and social media workshops.

Curious about how Twitter could be leveraged for the viral spread about upcoming events, Logan tried and tested different approaches until he found the winning formula in tweetmyevents, a unique concept which enables businesses and event promoters to announce their events to the world and generate a response within minutes, at a negligible cost.

Logan is an author, speaker and digital marketing strategist, Logan’s organisation, solomoIT, is sought after by businesses seeking done-with-you solutions to maximize their return on investment in digital media.

Logan has written two ebooks, Twitter Secrets for Your Business, Social Media Secrets for Business and has been recognized as one of the lead trainer on Social Media and in particular on LinkedIn. Having recently moved to Melbourne from Sydney, Logan travels frequently between the two cities and overseas when invited to speak at events and conferences.